about me

hey, i’m cat! i’m a queer photographer and creative producer from auckland, nz. i love to capture moments and feelings from my life and immortalise them forever. i also love talking at length about things i’m passionate about, which is why this exists.

i very very strongly believe that everyone is a photographer, or can be if they’d like to. photography is a wonderfully accessible medium and i’ve met far too many pretentious people that think otherwise, so i’m going to use this platform to share everything i know about taking pictures. because photography makes my soul sing, and if i could spread that joy to even one other person, i’d be chuffed.

expect me to ramble about:

  • technical tips and tricks for cameras of all shapes and sizes

  • fun prompts that you could take away and use for your own photography

  • breakdowns of my photos, explaining some of the creative decisions i make when i photograph

  • how photography allows my soul to sing and celebrate my feelings

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you can find more of my work on instagram and on my website.

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cat atkinson

i'm a queer film photographer with a deep love of good cinematography. "a pleasure to have in class". auckland, nz. they/them.