because i am an unstoppable camera fiend, a few weeks ago i grabbed my first medium format camera - an agfa synchro box 600, from the late 1940s. i’ve always wanted to try a box camera: in particular for the beautiful viewfinders on the top and side of the camera: for portrait…
a quick look at the film photos i took in lockdown last year, to inspire me and hopefully you to pick up your camera when things are feeling bad
i bought a new camera recently and chucked a test roll in - kodak gold 200 - to see what sort of pictures to expect from it, and i’m pretty stoked with…
i’m such a sucker for a good sunset. this is the sky that hit me as i left my friends’ house one friday night.
hi! my name is cat and i’m a photographer. and this is where i’m going to talk about photography.

oh snap